White Mountain Lakes Foundation

I just renewed my second year subscription to this organization. It’s something I believe in and feel others should check it out as well. The beautiful lakes of the White Mountains in Eastern Arizona have the potential to be trophy fisheries. An extra long growing season and short winters mean annual growth of trout in these lakes is amazing.

The problem is that these lakes have fish kills every other year. The white mountain lakes foundation aims to stop this, at least in a few waters, and provide some quality, long-term trophy fish for all of us. They have already been successful at Becker which is now pumping out 22″ fish with regularity. Next on the list is Crescent.

Please visit their site, read about all the work they are doing, and donate the small fee. In the future, when we are all enjoying the benifits of their hard work, it will feel good knowing we were a small part of it.


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