About Us

Hello from sunny Arizona. As you can tell from this site I love everything outdoors. Fishing is my forte but I enjoy bird and big game hunting as well. Tying flies keeps me busy during the down months.

This site serves as a memory hub, years from now I want to look back and read how I felt the day I fished or hunted a certain place. I enjoy writing and even though my words can’t describe a tenth of what I feel when i’m outside, they do paint a picture for those who are not with me in those moments. I have a very loving wife, a beautiful daughter and a very happy young son. I have a job I truly love. Friends that surround and support me. And a wonderful family who believes in me.

Outdoor enthusiasts seem to all be the same. We drive long distances, stay up late with excitement, and wake up early to be outside. I’ve seen countless sunrises, witnessed incredible displays of nature, and been to some amazing places. When my wife asks me how I have the energy to do everything I always answer with the same words…… “You can sleep when you’re dead.”

Feel free to contact me info@sleepwhenyouredead.com