Timpanogos Hike

Timpanogos is, well, very large. Its a striking mountain that stands watch over the valley where I grew up. The summit is over 11,700 feet. My crazy, fit, family decided they wanted to hike it. Not the traditional trail up to the top hiked by thousands each year, but just blaze your own trail type of crazy hike that very few if any have attempted. Our family cabin sits in a small valley near Sundance Ski resort. We would leave the front door of the cabin in the early morning hours, hike up above Stewart Falls, through the big Provo cirque, over the summit ridge, then down the face to their home in Lindon Utah. Cabin door to home door. Almost a vertical mile of elevation gain up, more than a vertical mile of elevation change down.

I used my go pro and had it take photos every minute on time lapse mode. So some of the photos are a bit out of focus and such but overall I think it captured the hike pretty well. A word of warning to those reading this and contemplating a summit attempt. The top was very sketchy if you are not totally comfortable with heights and in very good shape. My mom and I had a few scary moments of panic watching rocks hurtling hundreds of feet below us but with the help of a rope we were able to finish the summit pitch and descend safely. The west face is not bad but that east face is steep steep steep. Thanks for reading!

Categories: Backcountry