Gear Review: Ranger Falcon Pro Shooting Glasses by Randolph

You know those pieces of gear that you don’t think you need, then when you have them you wonder how you did without them? Shooting glasses are defiantly on that list for me. I’ve always hunted and shot clays with my Costa Del Mar fishing glasses. They work but there are definite complains about using them for hunting and shooting. Before last season I was approached by the folks at Randolph Engineering to test their new Ranger Falcon Pro glasses.

I’ve hunted with them extensively and shot clays a couple of times. The very best part of these glasses is the fact that they DON’T FOG UP! As an outdoorsman and shooter in a desert state, it’s nice to have a pair of glasses that don’t fog. The Falcons have a bar on the brow that keeps the lenses off your eye brows. This way the air can escape out of the glasses instead of trapping humid air.

The lenses themselves are top quality using what Randolph calls NexPC Lens Technology. NexPC is 5-6 times more impact resistant than standard polycarbonate with the same professional grade optics. Intrinsic material properties flex to absorb the force of projectiles before they reach your eye. During everyday use they remain 100% distortion free and scratch resistant. You feel safe shooting in them and that is worth a lot.

The orange lens called •HD52 (58)- on the website is what I use most. If you are on a budget and only want to buy one lens this should be it. It literally enhances everything. Colors pop and are brightened yet the high quality lenses still block all the harmful UV rays. The purple is great for clay shooting as it enhances orange colors making the fast moving targets pop. They can be swapped out in the field with no tools. Lenses can be purchased here.

The glasses are light and comfortable to wear. The lens is pretty much frameless so your field of view is never blocked. I usually forget i’m wearing them until I take them off and notice how drab everything looks without them. I’m hooked and will have these along on all future adventures that involve my trusty browning over under.

They can be purchased online in a number of places or directly from Randolph here.

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