Gear Review: Fish Pimp Strike Indicators

I’ve been meaning to do this review for a while but I’ve been waiting to take more pictures of the actual indicators. Seems like whenever I get out and fish I have other things on my mind. For starters though, I love em. The guys at Fish Pimpsent me some indictors to test out. These indicators come in mini, original, and jumbo sizes.

The mini is just that, really small. I havent used it much but I see how it would have its use in stealthy situations with one dropper fly. The original is the one i’ve used the most.

Its small, but is very buoyant and will float two nymphs of pretty good size in fairly rough water. I used it pretty much the whole time I fished Lee’s Ferry and even with an AB shot it floated the heavy rig surprisingly well.

The jumbo is probably more suited for this type of fishing. If you find yourself is situations where quite a bit of shot is required to stay down order a bunch of the jumbo size.

Whats great about the Fish Pimps is that for their size they are super light. Before finding them i’d go the route of the large size thing-a-ma-bobbers which float well but are so heavy they become cumbersome when fishing for any length of time.

Rigging is really cool with these. They all have a whole drilled right in the center that you can thread your line down through. This serves two purposes, 1. It creates a very tight junction with the tubing and the line never slips. 2. It forces your line down so you dont have any up on the surface as is sometimes the case when fishing deep. Nothing worse than a foot of line out in front of the indicator when youre trying to watch for the slightest movement.

I couldnt be happier and have replaces all other indicators when nymphing on rivers. Check out their site for more details.

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