Gear Review: Brodin Trout Bum Nets

Landing nets are sometimes as important to fishing as the rod itself. At the end of a good fight the fish gives it up and comes to the net and the feeling of relief is always apparent. Nets used to be deep nylon bags that would tear the fish up, tangle the line, and hook the flies or lures. Modern landing nets use rubber material that is snag proof, does not hurt the fishes protective coating, and are shallow enough to hold the fish but not loose them in the bottom.

Brodin Landing Nets are known in the fly fishing world as some of the best on the market. They build beautiful wood handles and hoops out of top shelf materials. These have a traditional beauty that most find very appealing. I am more of a light weight, functional guy. The guys at Brodin understand there there are a percentage of fisherman like me and so they created a line called the Trout Bum series. I’ve been able to fish their Davidson model for the past few months. I love it.

The handle and hoop are plastic and aluminum and have stood up to some serious abuse.

The net is the right size to hold both large and small fish. It’s compact so that it doesn’t drag when being carried or wrap the fish up when they struggle in it.

The handle is the perfect length. I can reach out and net a fish and then put it right back on my back with one hand. The handle fits down between the fish pond pack and my back. This is my preferred way of carrying it. Two big thumbs up from me to the folks at Brodin, they build the best nets around.

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