Book Review: Heaven on Earth by Andrew Wayment

I’ll be the first to admit that i’m not much of a reader. I have a hard time sitting still long enough to read a book in its entirety. When Andy Wayment asked me to read and review his book on the outdoors I accepted and let him know it would be a while before I could finish it. He was understanding and sent me a copy anyway.

This book, titled Heaven on Earth is a glimpse into his personal life and how, through the tough parts of his life, he could find little slices of heaven through faith and fly fishing. My favorite line of the book describes how Andy coped with a busy schedule and demanding law school. On page 57, “I later learned, however that after the first semester I was second in my class. I am confident that this result was because hard work, fervent prayer, and last but not least, finding reprieve from the pressure in the outdoors. This is a trifecta for success that I would recommend to anyone in almost any situation.”

The book is not a hard read and I recommend it to anyone who fly fishes and feels run down at time by the demands of life. I appreciate Andy letting me review the book. Please follow the link below to purchase your copy.

Also, follow Andy’s writing on his blog, Upland Equations.

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