Arizona’s Wild Trout

Eighty miles north of my home exists what feels like another world. The land goes from arid, parched Sonoran Desert to thick, tall Ponderosa Pine. A large escarpment of rock known as the Mogollon Rim creates elevation change and cool creeks fall south from its slopes. Here, in creeks with names like Tonto, Haigler, and Canyon, live the closest wild trout to me.

Yesterday, a friend of mine joined me and we headed up to one of the lower elevation creeks in search of small wild Rainbows and Browns. We arrived at our destination high above the creek and scrambled down to our target.

The slot canyon style creek was beautiful but we were not having any luck…

We continued on and eventually found some more level water and some small, full finned wild trout.

It was a fun morning and I felt fortunate to be trout fishing in 60 degrees in February while most of the country still sits in wait under winters cold grasp.

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