Gear Review: Redington Sonic-Pro Zip Front Wader

Let me start out by saying that up until this year, I was convinced that no one could touch Simms when it comes to waders. I still have a pair of G3 Convertibles that work great, but this year my eyes have been opened to Redington.

The past six months have seen lots of fishing in lots of different conditions for me. Helping me stay dry, the folks at Redington allowed me to test their new line of waders. I’ve never tried any zip front waders so I was excited to check these out.

Redington Sonic-Pros are different than other breathable waders. They use no stitching. All seams are done using sonic weld technology. It makes sense, take thousands of holes (stitches) out of something waterproof and it will be more waterproof.

The zipper is awesome. All of us who spend time in waders know what a pain it can be to “do your business” when nature calls. The zipper solves this problem but somehow stays 100% waterproof when zipped up. This feature also allows for easy on and off. Especially nice when wet and cold.

The pocket system is nice. There is an inner pocket for cell phones and keys, and two outer pockets for foreceps, fly boxes, and anything else small you need to cary. The inner pocket remains dry, protected by the wader. The outer pockets ARE NOT waterproof. I fried a camera thinking they were.

Finally fit, these waders fit great. I’m 6 feet tall, 185lbs, size 11-12 shoe. The large is perfect for me. The boots are big enough, and the legs fit comfortably without being too baggy.

Love living in a time when technology makes my outdoor pursuits so comfortable and enjoyable. A big thanks to Redington for being on the leading edge.

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