Gear Review: ExOfficio Nomad Pant

The good people at ExOfficio sent me their Nomad Pant to review on my recent trip to San Diego. I wore them all day on the boat then wet waded in the surf.

The fit is perfect. I’m 6’0″ and the size 32 regular fit great. The company provides a “tall” size which I would recommend for anyone taller than 6’0″. The pant breaths like any high quality nylon should. It offered 100% sun protection.

Best of all though, after soaking them in the salt water to past my knees, I was literally shocked when they came out looking like this.

Bone-dry, almost no water stuck to them. Amazing stuff. I foresee many wet wading trips this summer in these pants. They do everything I wanted them to and looked good at the same time. Their description is spot on,
“Water wanderers take note: the Nomad Pant will take you wherever you want to go, and keep you cool, dry and stylish along the way. Boating, fishing, and beach parties are just a few of its specialties.”

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