Hunting the Hunters, Mako Shark Fishing

Dad and I were busy watching sea lions when Captain Dave Trimble calmly said, “we’ve got a Mako”. Shark fishing is a hurry up and wait game. Hours of boredom, punctuated by moments of nerve rattling excitement. Three hours earlier Captain Dave had set up the drift with comforting optimism. Dave’s knowledge of ocean temps and currents, weather forecasting, and most importantly Mako Sharks, is incredible.
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This four and half foot missile of a Mako was on a mission. He’d followed our chum slick for a long ways and he was there to eat. Rushing the chum bucket and then do circles looking for food, left his nose on fire with the scent of blood. I was ready to feed him the fly and threw out a cast with the 12wt.
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 photo IMG_1506_zps28f31ed0.jpg

The shark was convinced the fly was food and without hesitation he ate. I set the hook firmly then let him run.
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 photo IMG_8809_zps7f5705a5.jpg

The powerful shark didn’t give up easy and towards the end of the fight he jumped into the motor of the boat and I thought he was coming aboard. Moments of nerve rattling excitement. Dave got a hold of the leader and we snapped a few photos before letting him go.
 photo IMG_8737_zps55469f6d.jpg
 photo IMG_8743_zpsfa0d12c3.jpg

An hour later we had another shark in the slick. Dad was up next. He doesn’t fly fish too often but did great with a five footer that ate three times before the fly stuck. Dad’s shark didn’t want to stay around and threw the hook at the boat but leader touched is a caught shark!
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Two Mako’s on fly to the boat, I was so excited but we were not done yet. A juvenile showed up in the final hour and I caught him. Dave said the fish was most likely born in March. Some pretty impressive growth for a “baby”.
 photo _MG_8819_zps0f1664b6.jpg

It was a great trip. The ocean is alive in California, but it needs protecting. We have have lost too much from our thoughtless harvesting of fish. I for one will never eat shark and try to only eat fish that I catch or is caught through sustainable methods. I hope to one day take my son out and let him pull on a shark. This will go down as one of my favorite memories with my dad. Thanks for the great trip Dad!
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16 Responses to “Hunting the Hunters, Mako Shark Fishing”

  1. marilyn Heap Says:

    Great pictures Kyle…..Love you tons and tons…..

  2. Kyle Says:

    Thanks Grandma!

  3. Alan Says:

    That’s Awesome!! Sweet pics and cool write up.

  4. Kyle Says:


  5. Brad Says:

    Awesome, some fish sure grow fast in the ocean! Bucket list trip for sure! When did you do this?

  6. Kyle Says:

    Thanks Brad, this was on Oct. 12th. If you go i’d go in June through September around a full moon. We went a bit late but Dave still found sharks!

  7. Kenny Price Says:

    Awesome Kyle, looks like a nice trip. Let get a future trip in the works.

  8. Kyle Says:

    I’m in!

  9. Sharla Says:

    Love this Kyle and it was an amazing trip for sure

  10. Jay Says:

    Those pics are so awesome Kyle! Your dad told me a little about the trip! Sounded amazing!

  11. Kyle Says:

    Thanks Jay! It was great!

  12. Alex Says:

    Yeah boy.

  13. Kyle Says:

    Alex, Dave remembered you coming out and said you guys got a good one!

  14. Andrei Toma Says:

    Love the shot. Didn’t know anyone could fly fish sharks.

  15. Kyle Says:

    Thanks! Its a blast!

  16. matt Says:

    Daves the best! If anyone is interested in heading out here to get on some Mako with him this summer come check out the guide service!

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