Gear Review: Pelican ProGear 2720 LED Headlight

Most of us are familiar with Pelican PreGear products. They make tough coolers that several celebrity fisherman endorse. They also make tough cases for high end cameras and laptops. But did you know they have several great light options?

For the past several months i’ve been able to test the Pelican 2720 LED Headlight. Its a gem. I’ve always been the guy to pick up cheapo clip on the hat jobber but they dont light very well and they are not always durable. This headlight is amazing.
 photo IMG_1551_zpsbd774da4.jpg

I’ve taken it everywhere from Nevada to Utah, California, New Mexico, and of course to the mountains of Arizona where I live. I’ve used it for hours and the batteries are still going strong. The light it sends out is one super bright LED light that can be adjusted.
 photo IMG_1554_zps358a6e85.jpg
 photo IMG_1553_zpsc8a6798a.jpg

The best part about the light though is that you can chose a basic on/off button or a motion activated button. Once you press this button just swipe your hand in front of the light to turn on or off. Very handy with fishy hands or while eating dinner and not wanting to blind your buddies.
 photo IMG_1552_zps422e728f.jpg
 photo DSCN2278_zps1e5277b4.jpg

The Pelican 2720 LED Headlight stands out in a crowd and has done everything I’ve needed it to do, better than any headlight i’ve ever used. More details here.

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