Gear Review: Fishpond Nimbus Guide Pack

How to carry all that crap…. the golden question plaguing the nation of fly fishers. We tend to be a nervous bunch, needing to take everything but the kitchen sink on every fishing trip. What if they want dries today? Or maybe it will be the small bugs? Or maybe streamers? Before we know it we have five fly boxes, 10 spools of tippet, gloves, water, split, floatant, nippers, a tape, camera, and on and on all trying to fit in a small chest pack.

I’ve been there, you start to look like you are a woman in her third trimester… I’ve tried chest packs, backpacks, and neck lanyards. None of these work for me. My favorite type of pack is the lumbar pack. They look the best to me but the best part is that they are out of the way. You forget you are carrying them as the waist strap carries the majority of the weight on your hips while the neck strap secures the remaining weight on your shoulder.

When needed you can slide the whole system around to the front of your body and work with what you need easily. Then it all slides back out of the way behind you.

For the past several months i’ve been fishing a Fishpond Nimbus Guide Pack. The nimbus solves the only problem with lumbar packs, size. The thing is huge for a lumbar pack, i’ve not been left wanting more size from a pack all summer. From their site, “The Nimbus is the KING of all guide packs. It has enough space to carry all of the necessities and more to get the job done.”

I completely agree with this statement. It looks good and holds all I need for a quick day on the water or an all day event throwing streamers. This is a 12″x9″ streamer box. I never could have fit this box in my old packs.

A big thanks to the people at fishpond for providing this pack to review. In my opinion, the best on the market.

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9 Responses to “Gear Review: Fishpond Nimbus Guide Pack”

  1. Arizona Wanderings Says:

    Nice review Kyle. Looks like a sweet little pack.


  2. Kyle Says:

    Thanks Ben, I have really enjoyed it.

  3. Jason Jones Says:

    The review is good and all, but I can’t believe you wore those shorts, haha…

  4. Kyle Says:

    Haha, camo for the flats. I was blending in with the tourists. The fish never saw me coming!

  5. Mark Says:

    Is that the West Fork of the Black River in AZ? Fun stretch of water if it is and nice review. I love my Fishpond as well.

  6. Mr. Flo Says:

    I spent 30 minutes trying on the Nimbus and then the Simms Headwaters pack. I ended up with the Simms pack to some buyers remorse. Only thing that got me was the semi-circle main compartment opening. It just seemed easier. Now I know why Fishpond makes the fat zippers – they’re money.

  7. Kyle Says:

    Thanks guys. Mark, yes sir good eye. Fun water for sure.

  8. theron Says:

    and if you don’t need a big ole’ streamers box it fits plenty of beer and keeps them pretty darn cold!

  9. Kyle Says:

    Thanks Theron, I was really surprised at how big of water bottles I could fit in the side pouches too. Full sized Nalgens with ease!

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